DGTL12002 – Week#1


Social Media Site: Facebook

I am a member of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site. It has made my communications more efficient and has led to a complete transformation of staying in touch with my closest friends and family across the globe. Most of my family and friends are scattered across Africa, Scotland, America and other parts of the world and all engage in Facebook. The site has created closer ties to people I went to school with as well as old friends.

Cavazza (2016) says that no media in the history of humanity ever managed to reach 1 billion viewers, overtaking CNN and MTV. Cavazza continues …… “Facebook already has nearly 1.6 billion members, with more than a billion connecting every day”.

Facebook has encouraged progress. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook stated in a letter (Ard 2012) that Facebook has changed the way society is organised and it has brought us closer together.

Society is able to access this social networking site by internet or mobile phone to share what they are feeling, thinking and doing with anyone they choose. Homes (2013) says because connections are to people and not to places, the technology affords shifting of work and community which ties from linking people-in-places to linking people at any place. The person has become the portal.

I agree with Zuckerberg’s statement that personal relationships are the fundamental unit of our society. Relationships are how we discover new ideas, understand our world with an end result of happiness.

Facebook also changes how people relate to their governments and social structures by having tools which allow society to share and bring an honest and transparent dialogue around leading to empower people.

Zuckerberg believes that by giving people the power to share, people are making their voices heard on a different scale from what has historically been possible and these voices cannot be ignored.

As a “scatterling” living sixteen thousand kilometers from home, Facebook is my support system and has many features such as timeline, chat, video, mobile development framework and the HipHop compiler.

Historically, this site was meant for university students to communicate between one another. From the young, to the old, to the household pet now has a Facebook account. It is a never-ending virtual social gathering filled with adopted puppies, wedding and baby announcements, viral articles and videos, events, groups, organisations and fan pages (Eler 2012).

Eler (2012) claims that a new study from Boston University suggests that Facebook’s two primary human needs, namely, the need to belong and the need for self-presentation. The study defines social networking sites (SNS) as “internet-based” services giving people three major capabilities: The ability to construct a public or semi-private profile, shared connection and view and track connections made by individuals and others.

However, there is a darker side to this technology. Composition, privacy and interaction makes me question the future of the Web 2.0 and what is left of our freedom? People are posting their lives on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and other social networking websites. There appears to be no boundaries between what is public and what is private, and where work ends and life begins, as social media infiltrates every facet of everyday life (Hintion & Hjorth 2013).

While technology evolves to ease the connection of social networking websites, streamlining the interactive and interlinking pursuits of people as they engage with each other, fundamental desires are being satisfied and age-old social practices are being encouraged and maintained.


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